Tuesday, May 9, 2023

RoV Mod Menu v1.50.13 (Hack Map, Aim Skill, Wide View, Anti Ban)

RoV Mod Menu v1.50.13 (Hack Map, Aim Skill, Wide View, Anti Ban)

 RoV: Challenge yourself with a thrilling 5V5 MOBA experience on mobiles. With new exquisite heroes and plenty of free items, let's begin a new journey together now.


Team strategy, hero counter, picking, and strategic planning skills. Team-up and fight on the battlefield to end the game in triumph.

+Hero Balance

Balanced and flexible heroes allow players to adjust their plans for various situations. The fun begins with hero pick-ban to competing fairly on the battlefield. Only the best players win!

+10-Minute Game

With a fast-paced game, approximately 10 minutes for each game, players can have a full MOBA experience anytime and anywhere.

+Smooth Control

Smooth controls for mobile MOBA system, designed and researched by experienced game developers.


Breathtaking competitions among Pro League champions with exceptional strategies and gameplays.

- V43 Mùa 26 v1.50.1.3, Update Ngày 26/4/2023
- Hack Map
- Aim Skill
- Tầm Nhìn Rộng (35 mức)
- Bán Mọi Thứ Trong Túi Đồ
- +20 tính năng MOD khác
- Anti Ban

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